Planes Live: Flight Tracker App Reviews

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Near DFW

I sit on my sons patio in Lewisville and watch and track. So exciting to me to know all the stuff


Simply best app

Paid version doesn’t work

Really disappointed. Worked fine until about a month ago when suddenly App no longer tracked the flights I want it to. Contacted App makers but they had no help to offer. I loved this app when I first purchased it but now it’s useless.


So accurate I can set my watch by arrival times. Mike Smith An aviator.

Invisible planes?!

This app needs a refresh button or something. I can see a Delta plane going over my house and when the app is open, sometimes it shows nothing. My WiFi is strong so I know it’s not that. Maybe add a refresh button in the next update.

Nice and clean

No bugs so far.

Not user friendly anymore

Just as the title says...before I could easily use the search with only the flight numbers and be able to find what flight I was looking for with no hassle, it was easily to find what you wanted to watch. Now it feels some stuff is missing, I can’t find the flight with just the number anymore and some airlines it won’t even show you their info...sad they are going down hill, they were once a good app

Amazing at first

This app was amazing at first but after a couple months of using it, it seems it doesn’t show all the planes on the map anymore. I want my money back...

Delay is terrible

I don’t know what changed but I used to be able to identify and track planes in the app as they went overhead. Now it’s on a terrible delay and is pretty much useless for my needs.


Gosh I love this app as a pilot

⭐️ AWESOME! ⭐️

This is one of the coolest apps I’ve come across! It says what it does. It’s an awesome way to track my friends and family when they fly up to visit! 5 stars from me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Love it! Fascinating app!


Is a great app for all those aviation nerds who look up in the sky and see a contrail and go humm! Wonder where that plane is coming from and going to?


Condor in The Nest and Sparrow waiting. 29%

What fun

Romantic,interesting, addictive!

Lousy user interface

You can’t just enter a flight number to search.

Fun and accurate

Love everything about this app. My kids love to know what plane is coming in from what city, we use it to track family and it is fun to play with.

WAS a Fantastic app

Update: dont know what changed, but suddenly this app doesnt track planes in real time anymore. Itll track them until theyre close to the airport and then lose them. It used to show them making turns to the runway and everything. Too bad. Rating changed accordingly. I found another app that DOES do what this used to do, so I know its possible. Original: Seriously, this app is spectacular! I can watch the plane coming to the airport in real time, know exactly when it lands, and know where planes came from just by tapping them. I dont know how it works, but holy sh** it works!!

Planes Live?

Whenever a plane flys low over our home I go to this App but never see a plane even close to our location. I guess I’m saying the App doesn’t work.

Arrival Times

A great number of the flights are showing an average of 5h30m arrival time. One flight shows 7h10m from Miami to Memphis. Another flight from Atlanta to Birmingham is 5h30m. The average time for most short distance flights display over 5 hours. The app use to work perfectly. Also some flights will state ex. Atlanta to New York, but the plane is going to Atlanta. Some planes are also being represent by Santa and the reindeer. Definitely not a reliable source for flight times.

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