Planes Live - Flight Status Tracker and Radar App Reviews

99 add

Helpfully tool

Thanks for this app due to the functionality that it provides


I thought it was good, I watched over my grandmas flight and she made it home safe!


Very interesting app

I love planes!

Havent played with it much yet, but so far its really cool!


This is one of the best apps Ive ever seen! I live in a flight path and its dead nuts accurate! As a pilot this is very useful.

Fun and useful

This is a great app. Well worth the money.

Worth to buy this App.

This App is really helpful for people who are interested in planes. I definitely recommend this App.

Perfect to help my anxiety

This app helps me keep focused on how many planes are really up in the sky.

Fantastic App

Really fun and useful App for the nerd and the traveler

Airplanes Live

a VERY cool app. A must for the aviation fan. ✈️❤️

Planes Live "Diamond in the Rough"

Purchased pro version. Very satisfied. Excellent for intended use but also for knowledge gain visualizing world commerce patterns in realtime. Highly recommend.

Great entertainment

If you want to know whats going on above your head, look here

Love love love

Best app EVER!!!!! Wish they would allow zooming out further and so it wouldnt refocus.


Excellent app for tracking whats in the air real time


Fun app with tons of info!

Easy to use.

This app is easy to use. It displays any and all tracks or single tracks of individual flights.

Stop with the pop ups!

Giving this app one star because of the annoying pop ups asking me to rate the app!

Favorite app

I was a corporate pilot for many years and I thoroughly enjoy living vicariously that former life with this app.


Love it. I can track my son when he travel from college to home.

Great App

Living in Edmonton we get airplanes overhead going to both Europe, Alaska and Asia. This app lets me see who they are and where theyre going. Ive used several different tracking apps but this one really keeps up to date.

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